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Our Approach

As a boutique independent recruitment consultancy we are always searching for ways to enhance our services and make your experience that little bit different with CCN. Offering a professional service to our clients is important to us however we recognize that making sure you receive value for money is equally important.

Our Story

Every business has to start somewhere and CCN began in 2010 when we identified a gap in the market for a recruitment consultancy that had customer service at the heart of it and also offered value for money. The market was changing and the cost of engaging with a recruiter had to come down. We knew there was definitely a need for the service it just needed to be affordable to everyone. Our price war was a success and now all but a few recruiters offer permanent staff placements for 10% of annualized salary.

So what’s next?

We believe the industry is now going through another change and on-line recruitment is about to explode onto our PC, s. So our new Featured Job offering is exactly that, online recruitment offering our clients the opportunity to maximize their coverage on the leading job boards whilst still providing them with that CCN service that has helped us gain a reputation that we are duly proud.

Embrace change and rethink the way you recruit.

Next Steps...

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